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Shipping cost and delivery time

The shipping cost to germany are for free for all items.
Shipping cost to a other country can you check here. Click me

The delivery time is 3-4 working days.
Shipping is Monday to Friday.
Orders placed before 2:00 p.m. will be shipped the same day


We are shipping with Deutsche Post and DHL!
Depending on the product, it will be sent by Deutsche Post or Warenpost / DHL.
You can see the shipping service provider also in the shopping cart


If you have not received your package, please contact us
We will take care of your request directly!



All of our Goods are Original
Most items are purchased through official distributors.

You can check the serial number of the Magsafe charging cable for the iPhone here, but be careful, this is not enough.
Many copies using real, activated serial numbers.
The CE inscription should be lasered and not printed, you can feel this with your fingernail.
You can also read out the Magsafe charging cable in the iPhone. To do this, connect the Magsafe to your iPhone, it should charge.
Go to Settings --> General --> About
Under the Sim-Lock tab, the Magsafe tab should appear, if it doesn't, the Magsafe charging cable is a fake

You can check the serial number at Apple. This is not possible for all accessories
With power packs or Magsafe chargers, you can read out and compare the serial number on your device directly.
A USB C power adapter, whether 18 watts or 96 watts, can be found under "About this Mac" -> Power Supply
This also works with all Magsafe (Macbook) chargers


Unfortunately, the serial number cannot be traced online.
The serial number in the case and on the packaging should be the same.
The quality of the Lightning connector should be stable and firm from the iPhone 12 to newer models
The Magsafe ring should be properly glued and the microfiber cloth as well, as well as the quality of the materials.

You can read out the original iPhone battery on your Mac using the free program "Coconutbattery".
The serial number should be the same as on the service pack packaging.
In addition, an original battery can withstand significantly more charging cycles. 400-500 charge cycles shouldn't be a problem.
In our example, the iPhone has been charged almost 200 times and still has 96.4% of the original capacity.

Revocation and complaint


You have the right to return the item to us within 30 days.

We do not cover the shipping costs for an order value of less than €40.
From a goods value of 40 € we take over the return costs.
You will find a return slip and a return label in the package

These are the Rules for Returning into Germany if you have ordered to a different country it may be not the same.

Normally you will receive a refund within 3-5 days of receiving your shipment.
It should take a maximum of 14 days. If you have been waiting for a longer time, please contact us so that we can solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Here you will find our cancellation form and as a download here.
Each shipment contains a return form, we ask you to fill it out.

Get in touch with us and we will check your request immediately.
Here you come to our contact form

Payment process


Prepayment only

Your data should be safe with us - we attach great importance to this. 
If you create an account with us, we will ask you to provide some information about yourself. 
This information is necessary to process your orders. 
We always treat your data confidentially and comply with the statutory provisions, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
Modern encryption, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL), ensures that when you order something, all data is sent to us in encrypted form!

Here you will find all payment methods that we offer



If you are a dealer, you can register with us.
Please send us all documents via email.
We need your trade license or extract from the commercial register.

Depending on the purchase quantity, you will get discounts. With constant purchase further discounts can be negotiated.
For larger orders, you can contact us.

We deliver the goods in the original master boxes, MC Sealed.
Exception: If the goods have been prepared for the online shop, there is no master box
For items with serial numbers, all serial numbers are noted on the delivery note.

We ship the goods with DHL or by truck.
Depends on the crowd.

Yes, there are different minimum purchases depending on the brand and article.
These will be displayed on the product page.

Regular customer benefits


From a collected order value of 250€ you are considered a regular customer

You get an extra discount of 5%
This is automatically deducted from the shopping cart
Electronic items are excluded from the discount



You will receive an invoice immediately after the goods have been shipped to the email address you have provided.
Invoices will be made available to you in the customer account.
There is no invoice in the package!
The invoice can not be changed.

If the invoice has already been created and something is wrong or should be changed.
Contact us.
We will create an invoice correction and issue a new invoice.
If you notice this before shipping, please contact us immediately.

You can rate us via Shopvote, this applies to both the products and our service.
You can also assign product ratings via a customer account.
You will receive a credit of €0.50 for a product rating via our shop system

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If you have a discount code, you can redeem it in the shopping cart.
In the order overview area, enter your code in the "Enter coupon code" field and redeem it.
The discount code is only valid until the specified date. No cash payment is possible. The discount code you have cannot be combined with other vouchers.
Please note that the discount code can be linked to a minimum order value.

Order process


If you want to cancel your order, it is best to let us know before 1:00 p.m. The best way is to chat in the lower right corner or use the contact form.
If the package is already on its way, do not accept the package and it will be sent back to us automatically.
After receipt, you will receive a refund

You can still have the address changed later, as long as the package has not yet en route.
Get in touch via chat or the contact form

1. In your account, it is currently not possible for you to track exactly which step in the entire process has already been completed.
2. Yes, you will receive a tracking number of your package as soon as it leaves our warehouses. With the number you can then monitor the parcel service in peace!

After receiving your order, you will receive an order confirmation via email.
Further emails will be tracked, after shipping you will receive the invoice and tracking number.

Customer account


Yes. You can delete your customer account in the customer menu.
See image Or click here (you should be logged in)

In the customer account "My personal data" you can change your email and the billing and delivery address.
Or just click here (you should be logged in)

Change password or forgot your password?
If you want to change your password, you can do this in the customer account.
In the "Password" tab, click the pencil or click here (you should be logged in)

Forgot Password?
1. Click here
2. Enter your registered email address in the first field,
3. Click on the red box "Request new password",
4. Wait a moment and then check your inbox! Attention: The email can also be stored in your mailbox under "Unknown" or "Spam"!